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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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. the nation's capital kicking off the presidential inauguration with a national day of service. we have team coverage. >> plus, the gun debate rages on, with rallies across the country for gun appreciation day, an opposition to president obama's gun control proposals. >> and we're taking a live look outside tonight at the national mall. it was a sunny and pleasant day. we're tracking temperatures for the inauguration, coming up. hi, everyone. thank you for joining us. today starts the whirlwind weekend of inaugural events,
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marking the end of president obama's first term and the start of the second. it began with a national day of service. president obama wants americans to take time out to volunteer and also to give back. mr. obama and the first lady spent the morning visiting burrville elementary school in dc, helping out by filling book shelves and talking to volunteers at the school. this year, as it has been since 2009 when president obama first took office, the administration is trying to expand the concept of volunteerism. fox 5's john hanrahan was at the national mall and is now in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: i've been wondering what the enormous white tent is at the corner of 14th street and the mall. i'm told it is a staging area. today, it was indoor part of the inauguration. thousands of people were invited inside the tent to consider making a commitment to volunteerism. ♪ >> reporter: yolanda adams made her pitch with a song.
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♪ i'm going to do my part, yeah! ♪ >> reporter: chelsea clinton personally visited a booth to help the youngsters there write letters to sick children. and actress eva longoria appealed to a crowd of thousands to help improve the nation by volunteering. >> make a difference in one child's life. mentor a student. donate a book to a library. donate supplies to a neighborhood school. help paint a classroom or clean up a playground. >> reporter: thousands of people in town for the inauguration and many locals packed into a huge tent on the national mall, where nearly 100 service organizations tried to entice visitors into making a commitment to volunteer. big brothers big sisters has found pairing youngsters with older mentors helps the kids. >> the grades are better. they have higher self esteem. they have better relationships with their peers, with their teachers. >> reporter: at the sunshine
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foundation, 7-year-old addison rhodes was helping chelsea clinton compose letters. >> i am making a card for kids who are ill and i'm trying to make them feel better. >> reporter: computer terminals around the room allowed visitors to register their interest in different kinds of voluntary activities. esther lee jones found the whole scene inspirational. >> kind of gets you motivated to say you're part of something bigger that's going to help our community. so that's kind of an inspiration for me. >> reporter: the president is trying to make service on the martin luther king, jr. holiday weekend an american tradition. joel lucas thinks that's perfectly appropriate. >> martin luther king's legacy is one of volunteerism and service, self service. i think this gives americans and the metro dc area an opportunity to, you know, live his legacy. >> reporter: lucas, who was career military and still works full-time at the age of 61,
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signed up today to volunteer at two different groups. maureen? >> good to see people giving back. john, thank you. just three days until the 57th presidential inauguration. we are tracking the temperatures leading up to the big historic day. fox 5's gwen tolbart is in the weather center with a look at the forecast. >> the weekend has been pretty nice. we didn't do too badly today, but there are some significant changes coming as we head into monday. let's take a look at some of our conditions here. sky's not bad. we have a ridge of high pressure that's been in control. for tonight, we are talking mostly clear, not a lot of clouds to discuss at all. here's a look at the today. 54 degrees at reagan national. 56 at dulles. 54 at bwi thurgood marshall. temperatures well above the seasonal average. as we head through tonight, 35 degrees, mostly clear. it will be cool, but once we move through and into the end of the weekend, into inauguration day and martin luther king day, things will really take a drastic change.
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we've got arctic air that will be moving in. we're talking sun, a few clouds. upper 30s is where we're headed, and also into the afternoon and evening, we've got a chance of seeing snow showers, maybe a very light dusting. so we're keeping an eye on all of that for you. my advice right now is plan to dress very, very warmly. it's going to be very, very cold. we've got an arctic air mass. we'll talk more about that in my full forecast and just let you know a little bit more of the timing. but definitely a cold day and something we haven't had in a long time, a chance of winter precipitation. more details a little later. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. see you then. a nationally known motivational speaker and comedian has a new documentary called "a funny thing happened on the way to the white house. i knocked on the door and a brother answered ." the movie chronicles president obama's plight to win the white house. michael collier is in town for the festivities. it is a pleasure to meet you. >> the pleasure is mine. >> i have been a fan for years, i really have been. >> oh, thank you very much.
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i am honored to be here for this fantastic weekend. >> yes, it is. >> what led to you make this documentary? >> i wanted to show a love letter to our president, because we love the accomplishments of mr. obama, that he even won this thing the very first time. that's how it started. then as we started really looking at him closer, we realized how much we dug him and there were so many people who want to say things that weren't flattering, that we want to put together a documentary that was purely biased and say, hey, we love you and we're with you. that's how come i also did a children's book. >> i didn't know that. >> the children's book goes right along with it. everybody loved him at first. soon as he got in, they tried to stair the house in half. pushing it back together right there. see the color green down at the bottom, collard greens? >> on the white house grounds, that's in the garden! >> it's an amazing documentary with over 40 comedians, white, black, young, old, lifting up mr. obama in a positive light,
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even doing comedy as mr. obama or about mr. obama. music, bootsy collins, comedian anthony anderson, awesome. it's an hour and 90 minutes of pure positivity about mr. obama and how we should support him as president. >> i have another question for you before that. can people buy this in their video stores and online? where can they get this? >> they can actually just go to my web page. in fact, go to my e-mail. then they can get all the information. they can ask questions. there's also a facebook page. it's called michael collier, a funny thing. they can look at pieces of it or inbox me. i'll be out on the corner selling it, from my car. [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness. michael collier, i'm getting the wrap. such a pleasure seeing you. you are going to the balls and things this weekend?
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>> i'm going to a lot of the balls. i'm going to one of the youth balls at a club called leo. i'll be there at 6:00, doing comedy, having a great time and just jokes. i'll be doing just jokes radio as well. i'm doing all the stuff i can, hitting every inaugural ball i can. >> as many as you can. give the website one more time. >> actually it's my e-mail., michael collier. >> it is a pleasure, fan of yours and even more so after tonight. >> yay! >> have a great night. >> thank you. we are still waiting for the kids inaugural concert to begin at the washington convention center. first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden are hosting the concert as part of their ongoing commitment to military families. the concert will feature performances by katy perry, actors from glee, and also usher, a lot of fun. kids who got involved with today's service projects, too, young people at turner
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elementary in southeast. they pitched in with a little help from musician and philanthropist john legend. turner elementary is one of six dc elementary schools in ward 8 to post projects. they put together books to give out to 2000 students at those schools. >> we have to take ownership. we have to say, you know, it's not just my house and my family. it's my whole neighborhood. it's my whole city. my whole community that i care about. that's what this service day is all about. >> legend says he's a big fan of dc public schools and will do whatever he can to help out schools. stay with fox 5 for complete coverage of monday's inauguration, all day long, both online and on air, at we will broadcast the ceremony and the parade that follows, live. the fox 5 morning team kicks off our coverage bright and early at 4:00 a.m. coming up, the latest on the deadly hostage crisis in algeria. is the four-day stand-off any closer to coming to an end? 
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. we are following major developing news around the world tonight. in algeria, officials are commanding a final push into the sahara desert, hoping to finally put an end to the hostage crisis at a gas plant. defense secretary leon panetta says there is still work to do. here's the latest. >> the loss of life as a result of these attacks is appalling, not acceptable. >> reporter: british defense minister philip hammond, alongside leon panetta, declaring the hostage crisis in algeria over. this comes after reports of algerian officials commanding a final push into the sahara desert to end the four-day crisis at a gas plant. >> lot of this information still remains sketchy. we know that lives have been lost and i pledge to continue our close consultation on this issue until the crisis is finally ended. >> reporter: the state news agency says seven hostages were executed before the attack and
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11 al-qaeda-linked gunmen were killed after the assault on the complex. at least 19 hostages have been killed during this ordeal, including one american. >> we have made a commitment that we're going to go after al- qaeda wherever they are and wherever they try to hide. >> reporter: meanwhile, more hostages recount their experiences after their release. the algerian government continues to deal with criticism regarding how they handled the situation. >> they did what they could because it was a hostage situation. >> reporter: the norwegian prime minister meeting with victims saturday. the french president saying the hostage situation justifies french intervention in mali. >> terrorism was about to overwhelm mali. this terrorism threatens west africa and the entire world. >> reporter: the algerian government says 700 algerians and more than 100 foreign workers were freed during the course of this four-day stand- off. however, there are still some
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norwegian oil workers unaccounted for. in london, fox news. . well, a big story we're following. gun appreciation day rallies are planned across 49 states today. crowds gathering to support the right to own firearms. the group guns across america organized the event. the rallies come after the newtown school shootings, leading president obama to attempt to ban assault weapons. a news alert tonight. district police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting near howard university on georgia avenue northwest. police say 44-year-old tracy mcfadden was shot in the chest and died. so far, no suspects. if you know anything about this crime, call district police. and this just in, montgomery county police have made an attack on an elderly woman. it happened in the bridge cheney area grocery store. the suspect is 45-year-old ricky jefferson from silver spring. police say he threw the elderly victim to the ground, then robbed her.
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a developing story out of baltimore. baseball legend earl weaver has died. 82-year-old weaver was a hall of fame manager with the orioles. sources say weaver died on a caribbean cruise associated with the team. the fiery manager led the orioles to four world series, winning one in 1970. maryland governor martin o'malley released this statement on weaver's passing, saying i am sad to learn of the passing of earl weaver, a baltimore pioneer and one of the greatest baseball managers of our time. our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. in other sports news, the capitals are on the road for their first game of the season against the tampa bay lightning. players hit the ice tonight at 7:00. joining us with a preview, fox 5's lindsey murphy. >> such an anticipated night in the world of hockey. the 113-day lockout is now a thing of the past. for caps fans, the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. when it does, this team will be full speed ahead for the
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remaining 48 games on their schedule. the team landed in tampa yesterday afternoon in anticipation of their first game tonight against a division foe. unlike many teams in the league, the caps are a bit behind the eight ball, considering they have only had six practices and one scrimmage to get to know their new head coach, adam oats and his new system. working in their favor is team camaraderie, with only a handful of faces for a team that finished second in the southeast division. tonight, it is ready, set, race for this team to the finish. >> just knowing that everyone is behind us. >> i wouldn't sayiner of us, but definitely almost more into it, if you know what i mean. we know how much more important every single game is. >> there's no realtime to stumble right now. we were talking with guys on other teams, saying if you go on a three or four-game losing streak over the gates that, could be the difference between playoffs and four games into the season. we're setting a good pace at the beginning of the season and
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especially with a new coaching change, we got to make sure we're picking up systems and playing well right away. >> caps center brooks light did not participate in practices this week, as he recovers from groin injury. denot make the trip to florida. we'll have much more on the new system later in sports and highlights tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> lindsay murphy, see you later on. no shortage of news this week from the sports world. from lance armstrong's doping confession to manti te'o's imaginary girlfriend, some athletes are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. confusing enough for adults to understand, but ever wonder how this is affecting your child? seeing your sports hero fall from grace. many child psychologists say it's important to talk to your kids about it all. >> one of the things that we can do as parents is to teach them that these guys aren't perfect. they make mistakes. they have flaws. and sometimes under certain circumstances, they make really poor decisions, really poor chases that may affect them for the rest of their lives.
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>> manti te'o broke his silence last night, speaking to espn. te'o says he was never in on the hoax. still ahead, the tsa doing away with those controversial scanners. >> plus it, may be the dead of winter, but it's not too early to start thinking about vacation. before do you so, a consumer alert. >> and if you have a story idea, call the tip line at 202- 895-3000. you can also send us an e-mail to fox5tips at back after this. 
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. crowd gathered in southwest to honor a civil rights icon. it is the martin luther king, jr. freedom and peace walk. the event is in its 35th year. the event began at lan ford park and concluded at shepherd park, recreating dr. king's march to montgomery, alabama. vice president joe biden kicked off the day by putting in volunteer hours. the vp and his wife kept up with their tradition by serving others in the area. the second family was all smiles, working for military members overseas. ben's chili bowl got in on the national day of service today, with a book drive. they invited people to come in for brunch or dinner and tolls bring a new or slightly used children's book. the books will go to two groups. the reading connection and hope
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in a home, both serving underprivileged families in the district. >> that's a good thing. glad to see a lot of people out there enjoying the day. and the weather wasn't bad at all. i thought it would be really cold, but surprise! >> didn't have quite as much wind as anticipated, so it was really pleasant. that trend's going to continue. but it's going to be short- lived. >> enjoy it while we can! >> that's what happens with mother nature. here's a look at what is going on outside right now. not a lot of clouds. beautiful shot of our national monument. not a lot of clouds right now. we'll see partly cloudy skies under the course of tonight. as i mentioned, winds, not quite bad at all. sky cover, pretty good. we're under the influence of a ridge of high pressure. that ridge of high pressure to the south and as we take a look, a little action over the great lakes. for us, not very many clouds to talk about tonight, but we'll n west. just cool conditions overall. so not all bad. and here's a little closer look at our area. we're not going to be dealing with a lot of action in terms of the sky conditions, at least
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not for tonight. into tomorrow, not too bad either. but we do have changes coming up in the extended forecast. today's highs, well above the seasonal average. we should really only be into the low 40s. so we hit 54 degrees at reagan national today. 56 at dulles. and 54 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. well above where we should be. it was fairly mild outside, fairly pleasant, so not bad at all if you did get out and get a chance to enjoy it. temperatures still fairly comfortable. 48 degrees at dc. 46 at gaithersburg, 49 at baltimore, 45 degrees at annapolis. 49 at fredericksburg. 48 at dulles. 50 at martinsburg. so it is fairly comfortable. moving through the course of tonight, we'll see temperatures dip into the mid-30s or so. not all bad. across the country, here's a look at temperatures for you. we've got a frontal system heading our way that's going to make a bit of a difference. on the back side of all of that right now, temperatures into
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the teens and 20 degrees at salt lake city. we've got 60s into portions of texas and we'll see this colder air move towards the east, bringing us a big change. tonight, lows into the mid-30s pretty much everywhere. 35 degrees for the city and dc. it will be mostly clear skies, cool night. southwesterly wind flow from 10 to 15 miles an hour. cold front is going to arrive. we've got arctic air and we're going to put it all together for you for your inauguration day forecast, because that is when the changes are going to happen. so just be prepared. we are talking about a chance possibly of seeing a light dusting of snow and maybe some snow showers as we head through into that all-important day. and we'll have to really make big changes in how people are dressing for today versus how they will have to dress heading out for inauguration day. i'll have it all together for you with time lines as well. >> stay tuned. thank you, gwen. a 9-year-old girl from orlando is getting her christmas wish, thanks to the fox network.
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catharine webb has a stunted hand. a man in virginia beach learned of her story and stepped up to help. now webb will be getting a brand-new and completely paid- for prosthetic hand at the end of the month. >> oh, my goodness! what was this for? thank you! >> reporter: 9-year-old catharine and emily were too excited to give me these roses, but little do they realize, they have given us so much more. catharine is missing most of her left hand. remember when we first met her before christmas? she shyly hid that arm behind her back. and then as we got to know her, she told us why she was so shy. >> some kids laugh at my hand. i started to cry. >> reporter: the kids on her schoolbus relentlessly tease her. you see, in yute row, stringy bands of am knee on thetic fluid stunted the growth of her
6:26 pm
hands. she has taught herself to be nearly fully functional, but the stigma has become too much to bear. for christmas, she asked for a hand. when a man with acca shriners all the way in virginia beach saw our story, he called us, wanting to help. >> i am more than grateful. >> a glove prosthetic with no movement she can put on and remove, or surgery removing her tiny little finger, then attaching a movable prosthetic. she chose the glove and has been fitted for it. she didn't want her little fingers to be amputated. >> tell me about your little hand. what do you call it and why? >> stacy. >> why do you call your hand stacy? >> because it has five pedals. >> it's a synthetic glove. i think it's going to have even
6:27 pm
the veins and the fingers. they measure everything that looks like her other hand and then color match, too. >> reporter: so in 11 days, catharine will get her christmas wish. the part that reminds us the most of what it's like to benign. >> now people on the bus, they are not going to laugh at me anymore. i'm happy! >> reporter: and we are, too. . >> yes, we are. coming up, a fox 5 health alert. the latest x-ray techniques saving lives, according to one study. a 3d mammogram helping people defend themselves against breast cancer.
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. recapping our top story, the nation's capital gearing up for the inauguration on monday. day of service activities have been going on all over the country today, as the obama administration renews its annual commitment to community service and volunteer work. vice president joe biden and his family did some volunteering today, too, filling care packages for troops overseas. and here's a live look at the kids inaugural concert, just started few minutes ago at the washington convention center. who is that guy! ♪ >> oh, yeah, that's usher. first lady michelle obama and jill biden are hosting the ball, featuring performances from some of america's top
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performers, usher, katy perry and nick cannon. this week, the secret service announced its security plans for the inauguration. several streets will be closed, memorial bridge shut down. and those who want to seat swearing-in ceremony and parade will have to go through security check points. >> reporter: we were invited inside what is called macc, multiassociation command center. >> protecting an event this large, complex, with this many different venues, with this number of people coming requires a lot of coordination and a lot of organization. >> reporter: homeland security secretary janet napolitano and other top officials made no mention of security threats or exactly how many law enforcement officers would be working during the inauguration. >> the secret service never
6:32 pm
talks about threat levels. i mean, i can say we have a lot of people that are assessing a lot of information. >> reporter: more than ever, cameras are being sed to pinpoint issues. and if problems are spotted by someone at macc, information can be pulled up here and police can be sent right away. >> if every law enforcement entity, we have 42 partners here. every law enforcement entity, every transportation entity, everybody that's got cameras, we're utilizing. so it's quite -- i don't want to estimate, but it's a large number. >> reporter: because of cell service issues last inauguration, these temporary towers have been erected. officials hope spectators will help them spot any issues by using special smartphone apps, facebook, and twitter. all eyes will be on social media. >> all of the agencies involved now have a very robust social media capability we'll be watching closely. we have created our own, so we have apps, mobile apps and a lot of things. >> reporter: fox 5 news, from
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the district. >> the transportation security administration is pulling those controversial body scanners, as they showed screeners more than some passengers were comfortable than showing. fox's peter ducey has details. >> reporter: the machines that took very revealing photos of air travelers, the manufactures were told to recall. the company, rapid scan said they couldn't do it. they needed technology that produces the more vague images. the tsa now says by june 1st of 2013, travelers will only see machines which have atr that allow for faster throughput, which means faster lanes for the travelers and enhanced security. the tsa paid rapid scan $40 million for the machines and now rapid scan has to take them
6:34 pm
out at their own expense. >> a person can't be searched without a warrant. obviously this scanner is not a warrant. what they are doing is going back here, making something that is in line with the fourth amendment and not in violation of people's rights. >> reporter: back in march, the then-chairman of the house transportation committee, republican congressman john mica said he didn't even know if the controversial machine worked. >> lot of hard earned taxpayer money going for, unfortunately, theater security. >> reporter: the tsa will still use full body scanners that create generic images of bodies, but the tsa points out on their blog that travelers can always opt out of a body scan if they prefer a pat-down. peter ducey, fox news. residents of newtown, connecticut are coming together just over one month at the shootings at sandy hook elementary. residents gathered at a local community meeting to talk about what to do with the school. some say the school should be torn down, while others say it should be preserved.
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>> we cannot have the next generation of kids going in there with that same mystique about that building. i think that knocking it down, turning it into a memorial, building a palace of a school, the most high end, high tech, beautiful school in the country would change the whole outlook of being from sandy hook elementary school. >> since the beginning of the month, students and teachers have relocated to monroe, connecticut. to pennsylvania, a 5-year- old kindergartner has been suspended for telling another girl she was going to shoot her with a toy gun. the suspended girl's family is now fighting the punishment. her parents say she was playing with the toy gun that blows bubbles and that kids will be kids. the little girl has been suspended for two days. two separate incidents similar to that one have happened in maryland, following the newtown, connecticut shooting. a health alert now. the flu continues to spread across the country. the flu season is only about halfway over and there's been a spike in hospitalizations. that's especially true for the
6:36 pm
elderly. the virus hits young people hard, too. activity is widespread through every state, except tennessee and hawaii. a health story that may bug you a little bit. bedbugs are on the rise again across the united states. the little critters are the size and color of a flat apple seed and not just found on mattresses and upholstry. the top city with bedbug treatments is chicago, with washington, dc coming in at number 7. still ahead on fox 5 news, looking to get away? a consumer alert on why now is the perfect time to book a cruise vacation. 
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. honda is recalling 748,000 vehicles because of missing rivets. the rivets are to help deploy the air bag on the driver's side. the recall involves the odyssey mini van and the pilot. the vehicles were produced in
6:39 pm
2009 through 2012. you should take yours to the dealer for inspection if you should have any of those model cars. may be the middle of winter, but it's the perfect time to start thinking about catching a wave. >> reporter: wave season. the travel period which lasts from january to february. it's the time of year when cruise lines offer their deepest discounts. we're talking up to 65% off regular rates, as well as additional savings like cruise cash back or 15% offshore excursions. courtney scott is senior editor at travelocity and says when you vacation at sea, you leave the stresses from the shore behind. >> cruises offer a level of convenience and comfort that i think land vacations don't always have. you get a lot of inclusive features. so dinner and lunch and meals in general are usually included. they are such a great atmosphere on board, you really have all of the tough decisions figured out for you, so you can just enjoy the time with your family and make memories.
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>> reporter: once on board, there's a little something for everyone. for example, disney cruise lines caters to all age demographics, including separate sections with activities for kids, teens and adults. all the while, making sure they come together during meals. the caribbean has always been the go-to destination for cruisers, but more and more cruise liners are heading north. >> alaska is such a popular cruise, because it offers -- for cruisers who have already done the caribbean and want something different, alaska's option is a second cruise that you take and it's fantastic. you get to explore glaciers and juno, a beautiful area. it's a stunning winter cruise. >> reporter: you can book your cruise for any time in 2013, but according to scott, the best rooms and the best deals are happening now. . here's a live look outside tonight. it was a mild day, even warm if you were in the sun. we're tracking the weekend forecast.
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stay with us. at honda,
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we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. archaeologists in mexico have uncovered a 1200-year-old mayan burial ground. crews working discovered at least seven bones in rectangular graves. officials plan to take the finds to a lab for further analysis to determine the exact origin. talking about our weather,
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and boy, we had a good day. but looks like things are changing. inauguration may not be so pleasant weather wise? >> it's go doing be very cold, for sure. we always seem to have cold days on inauguration. >> we do. >> i guess to be expected. this weekend was absolutely fabulous. we had a lot of sunshine out there. here's a beautiful shot of our national mall. not a lot of clouds at all across the area. and tonight we are going to see just some partly cloudy skies. so it won't be all bad. but we do have colder conditions coming. the weekend is going to end on a pleasant note. i'm happy to report that. a cold front is headed our way moving into sunday. be prepared for that. arctic air is moving in, going to make itself right at home, folks. also, we're talking about winter precipitation ahead. that's another thing that we're going to be discussing. today's highs, well above the seasonal average. we should only be in the low 40s. take a look. 54 degrees at reagan national
6:45 pm
airport. 56 at dulles. far cry from where we should have been, but made it very comfortable outside. things haven't changed that much tonight. we're still well above where we should be. 48 this hour at dc. we've got 46 degrees right now at gaithersburg, 49 at baltimore, same for fredericksburg. martinsburg, 46. 46 at winchester. we are going to see changes, but look at the national temperature map. you'll see where some of those changes have already occurred. very cold air across the northern plains, stretching down in through salt lake city at 19, boise idaho only at 14 degrees. we are going to see some of that colder air heading our way. to the south, into the 60s. 72 this hour at tampa. if we only had some of that this weekend. sky conditions, not a lot to talk about. religion of high pressure in control, setting us up for nice conditions. a little bit of activity over the upper great lakes, as we see winter precipitation there. here at home, things are still calm and a little on the cooler
6:46 pm
side, but overall, things will be quite different compared to today and tomorrow than they will be moving into inauguration day. for tonight, mostly clear to partly cloudy skies overall. we've got a frontal system to keep an eye on. this religion of high pressure is going to dive through and to the south. the first front, one of two, our weather makers. this one's going to move through into tomorrow. so cold front heads through tomorrow that's going to set the stage for the long-term forecast in the beginning of the week and for holiday monday. that's the second frontal system behind it that's going to bring in a shot of very, very cold arctic air. tomorrow, we're looking at mostly sunny skies. we've got one more day where it's fairly comfortable before the arctic air arrives. once it does, the chill is really going to set in. temperatures well below seasonal, and this arctic air is going to hit us especially as we move through into monday on inauguration day. then we've got a run of well- below seasonal temperatures, with the arctic air staying very, very well placed and not going anywhere, because the jet
6:47 pm
stream's not going to allow it to move. you really have to be prepared. 35 degrees for tonight. mostly closer skies. southwesterly wind flow. as we move through into tomorrow, winds pick up a little bit. a little bit windy for your sunday. but 48 degrees under mostly sunny skies. then things start to change, because monday is where we're going to see a big difference. tomorrow is our -- here's our day planner for tomorrow. midday, 47 degrees with the sun definitely in focus. now, january 21st, martin luther king day, inauguration day. here's where you really have to plan to prepare yourself if you plan on being outside and watching festivities. we are talking about sun to clouds, upper 30s only. and by the time we head into the early afternoon hours, we've got a chance of seeing a light dusting of snow and then maybe some snow hours that will develop. so that is going to really be a little bit on the unpleasant side for you as you're standing outside. so just be prepared. here's a look at fox 5
6:48 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast. take a look at how temperatures take a dive into the 20s, into the teens for overnight hours right after that. it's really going to be cold. if you're going to any of the festivities, monday night, that's another time with all of those ball gowns and everything. you'll need a warm coat. >> bundle up. >> for sure. >> we've within warned! thanks, gwen. penguins on parade in pittsburgh. kids of all ages got a show from the swimming birds as they waddled past the crowds. they will do this at the zoo every weekend morning now through february, which is prime penguin weather in western pennsylvania. >> this is enrichment for them. coming outside, they get excited about it. it's really neat to see when we have snow falling, they will snap at the snowflakes. it's fun to watch. >> and pittsburgh has a particular affection for penguins, their hockey team mascot. in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr., students from watkins elementary school in
6:49 pm
the district recited his "i have a dream" speech on friday. steve jones was there. >> 100 years later, the negroes still are not free. >> you get the land, about all the people, who made your life better. >> -- and some of you have come from areas where quest, quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. >> lots of them came from areas where they wanted to be free, but the people got in their way. >> let freedom ring from the snow-capped rockies of colorado! >> let freedom ring from california! >> let freedom ring from the stoney mountains of georgia! >> this is so important for the
6:50 pm
kids to really know their history, where they came from and why they are able to go to the schools that they go to. >> it was really inspiring to see, to do it, because i know that a great man once said these words. >> and when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we allow it to ring from every village, every hamlet, every state, and every city, we will be able to speed up that day with all of god's children, black men, white men, jews and gentiles, protestants and catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old negro spiritual! >> free at last! free at last! god almighty, we are free at last! [ cheers & applause ] >> enthusiastic kids, deserving of that applause. the caps countdown continues, as they get ready to drop the puck on the start of the season. >> plus, maryland playing a huge rivalry game in chapel hill. sports highlights, when we
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
. talking about the caps, they are back! >> and you're excited ? >> i am excited. it's really good that they are back, but football's over, so we need something! >> capitals are the team that brings up everybody's spirits when the rest of them have a bad season. hopefully they will carry on the good season. >> i have a good feeling. >> 113 days is a long time to be locked out of your job. if you're a hockey player
6:54 pm
orphan, today is a day you've been waiting for. a return to the ice. it began this afternoon and will tonight at 7:00 for the caps. for adam oats, first game as an nhl head coach will be against a team with which he started his coaching career. the tampa bay lightning are the first team on tap for the caps. a division showdown, right out of the gates. under dale hunter, caps started second in the southeast division last year and took a four-year run as division champs. before him, the caps were highly offensive, under bruce boudreaux. under oats, they find themselves in a different place. if you like scoring, you'll like this system. >> it's a little more offensive, not quite as all out as boudreaux's was, but it's a good mix. making sure we're taking care of our own, but still creating a good offense. >> the guys are learning as we go. it's not -- he obviously wants to play a fast-paced game, which will work with a lot of guys. lot of guys have good speed.
6:55 pm
it's going to be a different system, but nothing the guys can't handle. maryland basketball fans rushed the court earlier this week to celebrate the terps' dramatic one-point win over nc state. today, there was hope, as maryland played at north carolina. but the name of the game for mark turgeon's group was not momentum. troughs turnovers. this was a disastrous start for the terps. reggie bullock from the wing, knocks down the three right here. he would actually score the game's first eight points before maryland even got on the board. just got worse from there. check out sequence to end the first half. maryland trying to hold on for the final shot. instead, they turn it over. dexter strickland with the steal and the slam. terps went into half time trailing 42-20. while maryland did play better in the second half, the closest they got was 10 points. final score, 62-52. unc. maryland falls to 14-4, 2-3 in the acc. a good one in blacksburg,
6:56 pm
virginia today. hokies of virginia tech hosting wake forest. wild ending to this one. great pasting here for the slam. we were all tied up at 51-51. and the home fans were loving this. final 20 seconds, hokies down one with the ball. robert brown goes strong to the hole, gets it to go, also gets fouled. virginia tech regains the lead, 66-65. but he would miss the free throw and give wake the final shot with a chance to win. c.j. harris brings it up, drives. floater contested, does not go. the putback, also no good. virginia tech's eddie gets the rebound as time expires. the hokies hold on for the 66- 65 win. tony bennett and his virginia cavaliers hosting florida state and we'll start in the first half. off the florida state turnover here, cavs with an easy transition play for virginia's evans. all alone for the shot of his choice. cavaliers up 18 at the half, 33- 15. not a lot changed in the second half. text book inbounds play here to a streaking akil mitchell, throws it down with one hand.
6:57 pm
virginia blows out florida state 56-36. now to a game in progress. paul hewitt and george mason patriots hosting the hofstra pride at the patriot center. first half, good ball movement. wright is going to get the nifty baseline lay-in. mason led 31-23 at the half. right now, mason leads by five, midway through the second half. other local scores, au lost to holy cross 79-60. right now, georgetown leads south florida at the half. it is a sad day in the sports world, as the earl of baltimore, feisty hall of fame manager earl weaver has passed away at the age of 82 while on a caribbean cruise. weaver, whose statue stands at camden yards took the birds to the world series four times over 17 seasons, winning one title in 1970. and talking more about baltimore right now, the ravens are preparing for their afc championship matchup against the patriots tomorrow night. the same two teams met last year in the same game, with new england winning by three.
6:58 pm
this one is in foxborough, where the patriots have never lost with a super bowl on the line. but how in the heck do you stop tom brady? >> hire tanya harding. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. well, whoever, whoever it was. i don't know. put water outside -- they were getting off the bus, spray water outside the bus, hope it freezes. hey, he is who he is. he's as competitive a person as i've ever been around. he can give you this little boyish look on tv, but he is a very, very, very competitive guy. >> pretty much the ravens have their hands full. >> i think so. if the d coordinator can't figure out how to stop him-- >> you can't stop him! back tonight at 11:00. hope you are, too. bye-bye.
6:59 pm
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